Today marks the 7 year anniversary of this blog, and in honor (well, sorta) of the occasion, I will re-post that first blog entry below, just in case you are really desperate to read yet another Random Micro bit of prose.

Oct 29, 2004

Having gotten this far in creating a blog, you’d think I’d have SOME idea about what I was going to use for content, but no, not me, just leap into things and look later (ah, I’m falling……). You might even assume (erroneously) that I had perhaps READ a few blogs to gain some insight into the how of things, but no, too logical. I could waste your valuable time meandering on and on (Do you know what you call a caveman who can’t find his cave? A Meanderthal) talking about my family, my job, pets, my experiences as a suicide survivor, my thoughts about Life and the Meaning therof, I could even post reams of genealogical data on the family, proven to drive grown men to cry and gnash their teeth. I could talk about therapy (what do you think about that? Why? Is there something you’re not saying?) or I could regale you with my treasure trove of blonde jokes (I feel particularly superior since I used to be blonde but am now redheaded). I could post recipes, guaranteed to be un-original, since every combination of ingredients in every possible permutation has already had a recipe published (I could show you the math)–not good recipes, of course, but still pretty much OK if you’re hungry . I could write about the latest book I’ve read, or my favorite musicians or albums (oops, should call them CDs now). I could talk about the pros and cons of driving a really small car, like finding good parking places but getting blindsided on the freeway. I could wax eloquent (well, sort of) about my friends, and the Meaning of Friendship, and why friends come and why they go, while your enemies stay steadfast forever. I could do any of these things, but would anyone read it? Why? Have you already read this far? Surely you have better things to do, like call your mother? Think about this….later.

And that was my first post, and I’ve come pretty far. I don’t post as often as I could, and my topics ARE pretty random. I still don’t know how to do strikeouts, and my template, tho not the original one, is still pretty vanilla, but still, 7 years! The only thing longer that I’ve done is be married (41 years and counting).

Hope all of you are ready for Halloween, with plenty of candy so there will be leftovers for you…

Bumper sticker of the day: “When you’re finally holding all the cards, why does everyone else decide to play chess?”
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