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November 7th

November 7th

Got my nails done this morning, looking good. Not only do I get my nails done, I get all the latest going on in town. N calls the manicurist my “other therapist” which I guess she is. Anyway, lots of talking. That is one thing I really miss about not working. There is, however, lots more that I don’t miss at all. Deadlines, reports, audits, and on and on. My replacement started about 4 weeks before I left, and as I showed her the ropes, she couldn’t get over how much there was to do. I guess I never noticed because it all got added on a little at a time, but looking at it as a whole it was a lot to learn. I got several calls after I left, but nothing too complicated, so I guess she is doing great by now. It is hard to believe I retired nearly 5 years ago. After working for 34 years I might add.

One of the blog prompts for the month is, if your next meal was going to be your last, what would you have? And all I can up with is, Very Large. It would be stuff I love, and stuff I have never tried. It would include several types of wine, and several kinds of dessert (chocolate turtle cheesecake would figure in there somewhere). It would be served on linen with sterling flatware and crystal. There would be some of Mom’s cooking, nothing fancy but really good, like pot roast and veggies, hers never tasted like it had been boiled for hours. There would be baked apples, and sweet potato casserole, and …
Well, you get the drift… Yum. And no worry about gaining weight, or cholesterol, bring on the alfredo sauce.

Bumper sticker of the day: “You know you’re getting older when Happy Hour is a nap.”

November 6th

November 6th

Beautiful day. N is getting really annoyed with the guy who is supposed to be delivering a load of hay. It used to be delivered by the guy’s dad, but he died last year, and his son has too many irons in the fire and we must come pretty far down his list. He said he would be here once he “got a bite to eat” but me I’m skeptical. He has promised before. Once the weather turns to rain and sleet and snow we don’t want to try to get hay into the barn, the slope is downhill to the barn and getting back out is a good place to get stuck. And horses eat like, well, horses.

Bumper sticker for the day: “Relish today. Ketchup tomorrow.”

November 5th

November 5th

My whole post! Disappeared and presumed dead. Rats.

Today is Guy Fawkes’ day in Britain, a chance to do bonfires and fireworks, mainly. Sorta like our Fourth of July, only their holiday is for the defeat of a plot to assassinate King James I in 1605, so a little older than ours. Nothing like burning in effigy for a good cause.

The fall day here is glorious, and probably the last for the colors of the trees. I changed the wreath on the front door from the ghostly one to the fall one, and hung up the turkey windsock. Meanwhile C blew the dust out of my computer and then I vacuumed the computer room, whoohoo. Of course now I can hardly breathe from the dust stirred up! Oh and I folded all the laundry from yesterday, so I am really on a roll.

The neighbors across the road are really nice, the lady sends over homemade food (the last was a pumpkin pie, after the apple pie 2 weeks ago, and the broccoli cheese soup before that), and I have reciprocated with a loaf of pumpkin bread, but I am way behind in the exchanges and now I feel pressured to come up with another food to send over. Clearly she doesn’t need dessert things; I am thinking about porcupine meatballs (which are made with ground beef and rice, which pokes out of the meatballs like on a porcupine). It’s one of our favorites, and tastes better when reheated the next day. That should put me even I think.

(This is a web picture, mine aren’t quite so photogenic.)

Time for lunch, I think I’ll have pumpkin pie.

Thought for the day: “Never eat more than you can lift.”

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November 4th

November 4th

nightmares. can’t sleep. I’ll write more later.

Later, more. (hehe)

But seriously, on the NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) website, today’s topic is, when you write, do you use a pen or the computer? My answer would have to be, both. If I am writing on my opus, I use the computer because I can’t stop editing it as I go along, after I have re-read what I have written. If I am writing in my journal, I write using a fountain pen (I collect them), and also if I am taking notes. My typing is horrible. I cannot break myself from looking at the keys, rather than the screen. Been that way since high school, and it equaled a C- for me, alas! But I like to think my handwriting is pretty nice, and I can do calligraphy too, but it is very slow. So there you have, a piece of useless trivia about me, and aren’t you glad I kept this short?

I am working on my Photoshop skills, and here are before and after photos. I mean, where else can I brag but here? (The “before” is a lesson example.)

Thought for the day: “Santa’s elves are just a bunch of subordinate clauses.”

November 3rd

November 3rd

Laundry. Where is a magic wand when you need one?

I remember having a set of tea towels when I was just married, one for each day of the week, and each one had an embroidered sketch of a girl that corresponded to the day. For instance, Monday was laundry day, and there was this sweet little tyke hanging up washing on a breezy sunny day. There was one for shopping day, and dusting day and on and on. For some reason that escapes me now I thought these were cute; but anyway the habit lingers on that I should do laundry on Monday. This obviously doesn’t happen, especially when R gets her stuff in the washer before me. I could just run her loads through and then do my own, but before long I would end up with the entire job, which I refuse to do. Bad Precedent. Now I feel fortunate if I get it washed and folded and put away before midnight on any given day. And I hate to have it spill over to a second day, too depressing.

Yesterday’s cancer treatment went smoothly and we were home by 1 pm. The oncologist’s office has moved to the hospital where the treatment is done, so much more convenient than it was prior to yesterday, when we had to do a separate trip to see him, then go on to the hospital. Today I feel very tired, but otherwise OK.

It strikes me that when we go to Hawaii in March I will need a whole different wardrobe, as my current one is pretty much all blue jeans, which will be too hot for the on-shore part. Also I will need something a bit more formal for the dining room on board. Gosh, what a terrible burden, shopping. I already ordered a new set of luggage, I picked school bus yellow for the color, should be easy to find at the baggage carousel. And very roomy, as I will over pack I am sure. At least the on board laundry and dry cleaning are free. Although I plan on packing enough underwear for the entire trip, I don’t want my undies handled by someone else, that’s just me. Right now we are reading up on all the excursions, to book them before we go. There are so many, and so many $$$ for them, but I’m not up for renting a car and taking off on our own, in a strange place with an absolute return time to get back on board before the ship leaves without us. If the excursion returns late they hold the gangway for you…

This is all of us, on board the Westerdam on our first cruise, several years ago. Back when I had hair. And two boobs.

Thought for the day: “Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup.”

November 2nd

November 2nd — Wordless Wednesday

Mac, doing what he does best.

Thought for the day: Bad news: It’s better to give than receive.

November 1st

November 1st

It is my goal to participate in NaBloPoMo this month, that is, the national blog posting for a month. I did this one several years ago, and I thought I’d give this year’s attempt a whirl.

Last night was Halloween, and we had 42 little kids traipse up to the door. Several of them said not a word, just marched up to the door, opened their bags and then walked away. When my kids were of the age, I went with them and the running joke was that every time they forgot to say “Thank you” I got to eat the candy. I never did get any, but they remembered to thank everyone. Of course, this year it rained and rained (I sat under an umbrella and back against the door for shelter) so it was a pretty bedraggled wet bunch of kids. Some great costumes, there were the usual batman, Spiderman, ghosts and vampires, but there was also one Harry Potter, and one little girl in dress like a southern belle, hair all in ringlets, so cute. The first several years here we had no trick-or-treaters, we were the last house on a very long road; but eventually all the area popped up in houses and now we are in a regular development. Us and the barn, manure pile, and horses. Ah well, we were here first, and the gardeners love us. Free manure, all they can haul away, it’s not like there is any slackening in supply.

I’m sitting here in the computer room, trying not to think about the mammoth spider I saw in here several days ago. I couldn’t reach it to smoosh it, and boy am I sorry. N sprayed the room for me, and I hope that reached the bug. I am way creeped out by spiders. Partly because I grew up in Miami FL where all the bugs come giant-sized and pushy. Shudder.

I think the wood shaving truck just arrived, time to go and unload the bales. I’ll give more Random thoughts tomorrow.

Thought for the day, “I’ve lowered my expectations to the point where they’ve already been met…”

Hawaii bound

Friday, October 21, 2011
Hawaii bound
I booked our cruise round trip San Diego to Hawaii for March of next year! It’s not that far in the future when I look at all there is to do. The kids will take care of the animals, which would otherwise be a huge stumbling block. It’s hard to get a house or pet sitter that does dogs, fish, horses and cats! Now my only worry is that I will be having a mammogram in Feb,. and if it shows anything I will need a biopsy, and who knows what might follow? I tell myself I shouldn’t borrow trouble, but myself doesn’t listen very well. I did opt to include insurance on the trip and the flight to SD, at least we would get our $ back. And could re-book.

I recently took a photo course online, the purpose was to get an understanding of the features of the Nikon D40. Once the class was done, I pretty much forgot all that I learned, so I reprinted the class syllabus today and have been slowly going over it. It sticks better the second time around, I think. In addition I am working thru a training book for Photoshop, and I am quite happy to know all the ins and outs of PS. Like a lot of photographers, I have fooled around with Photoshop, but I am surprised at how easy it is to do pretty complex manipulations of photos. Once I work my way through it I’ll post some before-and-after things here. I want to take lots of photos in Hawaii and on the ship (Holland America) since I’m real sure we won’t be back there again.

Here’s a little blog question that I have seen on other sites: What is a true thing that could be said about you?
Answer: It is true that I am a very fast learner. I can pick up “how to” without someone showing me how, and I even amaze myself; sometimes I make things up as I go along, and at the end find I was 100% correct. Now if only the things I am fast at would prove to be financially rewarding! Ah well.

Thought for the day: “If all else fails… more duct tape!”
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Wednesday, October 19, 2011
Wordless Wednesday
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Saturday, October 15, 2011
Ides of October
Raven, the black Newfoundland, came through her surgery on Monday just fine, after Wednesday’s false start. (She had a bad reaction to the anesthetic.) The main difficulty, as I said before, is getting her into and out of the truck. Anyway, she is walking on her bum leg, limping, but walking on it. She and Magpie will have to get used to seeing each other through the fence, as Maggie is far too rough in her playing, and we CANNOT pay for hip replacement or shoulder surgery or elbow surgery when the most direct way is to separate them, not just now while Raven is mending, but all the time. Forever. Sad, but there it is.

The fall colors are taking a beating now, what with the 20 mile-an-hour wind on Saturday and the torrential rain storms. Sunday is expected to be nice, before starting the week with showers every day. If so, I’ll post some photos here. These were taken in the front yard. Fall is my favorite time of the year, but it seems to go by so fast, and then we are in the dreary rainy days of winter. Not to mention those days of s**w that make for lousy driving conditions, and let’s not think of them.

I think I will take a page from Lucky Lady and begin a Wordless Wednesday. It will be fun to see what I can come up with. I promise it won’t ALL be pics of the cats.

Bumper sticker for the day: “Why is abbreviation such a long word?”
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Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, October 26, 2011y

Canada, I think.
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Today marks the 7 year anniversary of this blog, and in honor (well, sorta) of the occasion, I will re-post that first blog entry below, just in case you are really desperate to read yet another Random Micro bit of prose.

Oct 29, 2004

Having gotten this far in creating a blog, you’d think I’d have SOME idea about what I was going to use for content, but no, not me, just leap into things and look later (ah, I’m falling……). You might even assume (erroneously) that I had perhaps READ a few blogs to gain some insight into the how of things, but no, too logical. I could waste your valuable time meandering on and on (Do you know what you call a caveman who can’t find his cave? A Meanderthal) talking about my family, my job, pets, my experiences as a suicide survivor, my thoughts about Life and the Meaning therof, I could even post reams of genealogical data on the family, proven to drive grown men to cry and gnash their teeth. I could talk about therapy (what do you think about that? Why? Is there something you’re not saying?) or I could regale you with my treasure trove of blonde jokes (I feel particularly superior since I used to be blonde but am now redheaded). I could post recipes, guaranteed to be un-original, since every combination of ingredients in every possible permutation has already had a recipe published (I could show you the math)–not good recipes, of course, but still pretty much OK if you’re hungry . I could write about the latest book I’ve read, or my favorite musicians or albums (oops, should call them CDs now). I could talk about the pros and cons of driving a really small car, like finding good parking places but getting blindsided on the freeway. I could wax eloquent (well, sort of) about my friends, and the Meaning of Friendship, and why friends come and why they go, while your enemies stay steadfast forever. I could do any of these things, but would anyone read it? Why? Have you already read this far? Surely you have better things to do, like call your mother? Think about this….later.

And that was my first post, and I’ve come pretty far. I don’t post as often as I could, and my topics ARE pretty random. I still don’t know how to do strikeouts, and my template, tho not the original one, is still pretty vanilla, but still, 7 years! The only thing longer that I’ve done is be married (41 years and counting).

Hope all of you are ready for Halloween, with plenty of candy so there will be leftovers for you…

Bumper sticker of the day: “When you’re finally holding all the cards, why does everyone else decide to play chess?”
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